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  If so, please contact Rev Payne on 
or 01525 864858.

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What is Lent?

A short video from Rev David, talking about Lent

LiveLent - Living Your Story

Do something loving or kind for someone this weekend as a way of sharing Jesus’ love.

Reading: 1 Thessalonians 2.4-8

There’s an app available for either IOS or Android which will bring you a daily reflection or you can sign up to receive the reflection by email. You will find all the links for these on the Church of England website:

Want to know more about Lent?  Rev David has recorded a short video  ‘What is Lent?’

Tea at Three

Zoom time together each Sunday between 3:00pm and 4:00pm.

A chance to catch up with others, laugh, moan, get things off your chest witht your Vicar – Rev David Payne.

No agenda – just bring your own brew and a cake or equivalent (calories don’t count on Sundays). It’s a bit like the refreshments after the service but without the worship!

Tea at 3

To obtain the access code for the Zoom call, please email:

(Once you have the access code, you can come for Tea at Three any week – the code remains the same from week to week.)

All previous Virtual Vicar services are still available to watch – you can find them all here

Flitton Church is open for private prayer by appointment only  – please contact Angela Ayres on 01525 860723

We  have some resources, including suggested home worship services and prayers for the outbreak; please scroll down this page to find all the resources or click on the links to go straight to them.

In order to download the service paperwork, you will need a ‘pdf reader’ – you can download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free here

Daily Hope
The Prayer Course
A Gentle Journey of Prayers and Reflections

Contemplation: A Gentle Journey of Prayers and Reflections

A Gentle Journey isn’t a service – it’s a selection of prayers and reflections accompanied by restful music and tranquil images. Lasting just over 15 minutes, we hope that you will find peace and relaxation, comfort and inspiration – a time of quiet contemplation as you listen to these words of praise.

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Praying hands

If you have someone you would like our Virtual Congregation to include in their private prayers during the coming week, please email by Friday of each week.  Their name will then be shown here for the coming week.

Please remember in your prayers this week

Those who have recently died, including

Jean Bird,
Brian Finney,
Bill Firth,
Gerald & Kathleen Jones,
James Kerr,
Bridget Martin,
Martins Ogunbuyi,
Raymond Wells

and their family and friends
who mourn them

Those who are ill

Des Brazier,
Kara De Napoli – granddaughter
of Margaret Butt,
Stella Lawton,
Sally & Andy Metianu,
Sue Olney,
Bill Powers,
Joan Preston

and we also remember

Jonah – born at 27 weeks –
great-grandson of Anne Stiles

All the staff and residents
at Taymer Nursing Home

Recorded Services

If you would like to organise a Spiritual Communion at home, please click here to download the guidance from the Church of England

God's Covenant with Noah

God’s Covenant with Noah – 21 February

Our theme for this week’s service is God’s Covenant with Noah. Rev Anna Garvie leads the service and Rev David Payne gives the address. The Bible Reading is by Hilary Parks. You are welcome to watch the service at any time; the suggested worship time for our Virtual Congregation is 10:00am on Sunday 21 February 2021.

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In addition to these services, there is a Recorded Carol Service available from Flitton PCC here

and a Remembered With Love service available from Silsoe here

Printable resources for home worship

Click on a button to open a pdf in a new window for you to read or print