Church services around the Benefice

This list was last updated at 20:00 on 17 May 2022

The Church of England’s weekly online service is available on Sundays at 9:00am here

No matter where you live, you are very welcome to attend any service in any of our Churches.


DateChurchTimeServiceLed byBible Readings for the day
22nd MayRogation Sunday - Walk the 3 churches
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John 14:23-29
Silsoe08:15 AMStart of walk with prayersSimon Stranks
Flitton10:00 AMHoly CommunionRev Roger Wood
Pulloxhill12:00 PMPrayers
Silsoe01:30 PMFinish of walk with prayersMaggie Jeeves
Thursday 26th May Ascension DayPulloxhill07:30 PMUnited Benefice Holy CommunionRev Roger WoodActs1:1-11
Luke 24:44-53
Friday 27th MayFlitton10:00 AMUnited Benefice Said Communion (BCP)Rev Anne Barker
29th MaySilsoe09:30 AMHoly CommunionRev Anna GarvieActs 16:16-34
John 17:20-26
Pulloxhill11:00:00Social Sunday


DateChurchTimeServiceLed byBible Readings for the day
5th JuneSilsoe08:30 AMSaid Holy CommunionRev Roger Wood
Silsoe10:00 AMPlatinum Jubilee ServiceGillian Kern
Pulloxhill10:00 AMPlatinum Jubilee ServiceRev Roger Wood
Flitton11:00 AMPlatinum Jubilee Service
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Jo Holt/Margaret Butt
12th JuneSilsoe09:30 AMHoly CommunionArchdeacon Dave MiddlebrookRomans 5:1-5
John 16: 12-15
Pulloxhill11:00 AMHoly CommunionArchdeacon Dave Middlebrook
Flitton - No service as it is the Potato Race
19th JuneSilsoe09:30 AMMorning WorshipGillian Kern
Pulloxhill11:00 AMHoly CommunionRev Anna GarvieGalatians 3:23-29
Luke 8:26-39
Flitton11:00 AMCafe ChurchMargaret Butt
Friday 23rd JuneFlitton10:00 AMUnited Benefice Said Communion (BCP)Rev Anne Barker
26th JuneSilsoe09:30 AMHoly CommunionRev Roger WoodGalatians 5:1, 13-25
Luke 9:51-62
Pulloxhill11:00 AMSocial Sunday


DateChurchTimeServiceLed byBible Readings for the day
3rd JulySilsoe09:30 AMHoly CommunionRev Roger WoodEphesians 2:19-22
John 20:24-29
Flitton11:00 AMMorning WorshipMaggie Jeeves
Pulloxhill06:00 PMEvensongJo Holt
10th JulyFlitton09:30 AMHoly CommunionRev Roger WoodColossians 1:1-4
Luke 10:25-37
Pulloxhill11:00 AMMorning WorshipLiz Coulson
Silsoe11:00 AMSocial Sunday
Wednesday 13th JulySilsoe07:30 PMLicensing of Rev. Simon and Rev Louise MooreBishop Richard and Archdeacon Dave Middlebrook

Coming to Communion

Sometimes people are put off coming to a communion service because they are not confirmed; however all are welcome to come forward for a blessing, even if they are not confirmed – usually people let the minister know this by bringing their service sheet or book with them in their hands so that the priest knows they would like a blessing.

A blessing is when God is asked to come and be present on and in a person through the action of his Spirit. Children are also welcome to come and receive a blessing.

We welcome all those who are accepted in full membership
of their own churches to receive Holy Communion

Home Communion

If you are unable to get out and would like Home Communion, it may be possible for your local Churchwarden to arrange it.  Please contact the appropriate Churchwarden.