to the Benefice of Flitton, Pulloxhill and Silsoe

in Central Bedfordshire - part of the Diocese of St Albans.

Our historic churches are situated in the heart of their communities, and we seek to be a living heartbeat of faith here. We follow Jesus and we want to share the good news of his love with all.

If you live in Flitton,  Greenfield, Pulloxhill, Silsoe, Wardhedges and the surrounding areas, we are your local church, and we are here for you. We also extend a warm welcome to visitors from further afield.

We provide regular services of worship and prayer, and we offer opportunities to learn about and practice the Christian faith. We welcome people of all ages and from all walks of life.

Our local schools are very important to us and we are blessed to work closely with the teachers, staff and children.

The website is packed full of useful information from Sunday Services, activities and events, and helpful advice for those seeking baptisms, weddings and funerals.

Whether you are new or a regular member of the churches or community, we are glad that you are here, and we hope that you find what you are looking for.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of any assistance

Rev Simon and Rev Louise Moore, Vicars

01525 643478          RevSimon@3churches.uk           RevLouise@3churches.uk

Around the Benefice 1 - 10 March 2024

Sunday 3 March

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Silsoe 9:30am – Holy Communion led by Rev Simon with a sermon from Rev Louise

Flitton 10:30am – Morning Worship with Lay Leaders of Worship Jo Holt & Maggie Jeeves

Pulloxhill 11am – Holy Communion led by Rev Simon with a sermon from Rev Louise

From the Pulpit – Cross Carrying – Rev Simon

Listen to Rev Simon’s  sermon preached at Silsoe on 25 February 2024 ‘Cross Carrying’

Tuesday 5 March 2pm – Benefice Lent Course in Pulloxhill – more details here

Wed 6 March 8:30am – Weekly online prayer meeting – more details here

Wed 6 March 7pm – Alpha course at the Vicarage – more details here

Friday 8 March 2pm – Mothering Sunday posies at the Vicarage – more details here

Saturday 9 March 10am – Church Vision Morning – more details here

Sunday 10 March
Mothering Sunday

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Silsoe 9:30am – All Age Service with Rev Louise

Flitton 10:30am – All Age Holy Communion with Rev Simon

Pulloxhill 11am – All Age Service with Rev Louise


Dear Friends,

How do you feel about anger? It’s sometimes difficult for us as people of faith, to know what to do with it. We’re not sure if its even OK to be angry. As a therapist, I often find myself encouraging people to acknowledge and express their anger, as well as figuring out where it came from and what it means.

It’s healthy to be angry. Anger is the other side of pain. What we do with it is another matter. It’s good to be thoughtful about that.

In the passage from John’s gospel this Sunday (John 2:13-22), Jesus needed no encouragement in acknowledging or expressing his anger. He was blazing! Such scenes! He paused only for a moment. And that was to make a whip!

And where did his anger come from? The deep pain of seeing that people and animals were being exploited and those seeking God were being denied access to worship, especially if they were poor, or outsiders. God hates injustice, hypocrisy, oppression and lack of care for the needy. He wants everyone to be able to come close and know His love. He wants to be the God of easy access in whom people may discover abundant

Let’s be thoughtful today about anger. If something makes God angry, it should make us angry too. If He wants us to do something with our anger, let’s seek wisdom from Him. If we need Him to hear our own anger because of our pain and hurt, let’s tell Him about it.

With our love,

Louise and Simon

The common shared vision of the Benefice is

“Living  Our Faith, Loving Our Communities” 

and this supported by a set of values across all three churches:

Christ centred     Prayerful     Worshipful     Hospitable     Community focused     United

Each of the three Churches has their own specific opportunities and challenges but by working together and offering an appropriate range of worship options, the Benefice is able to deliver its vision and values and meet the needs of its congregations.