Sunday 16 May – Christian Aid Sunday Service

Christian Aid Sunday Service

Christian Aid Week comes to an end on 16 May and our Sunday Service reflects the themes of Christian Aid Week.

Rev David Payne leads the service, Rev Dr Craig Gardiner gives the address and Martyn Gates reads from the Bible. There’s also a short video about Florence Mbone Muthiani who lives in Kitui, Kenya. Music is from the St Martin’s Singers.  We recorded on Flitton Moor and in Silsoe  this week.

To see the Order of Service and watch the service on YouTube, click on the buttons below – each will open in a new window.

You will find Rose’s Story further down this page together with information about how to donate to Christian Aid.

You are welcome to watch the service at any time – if you wish to worship at the same time as our congregations in church, you will find the times of this week’s Church services below.


Church Services for 16 May 2021

9:30 am – Holy Communion at Silsoe Church led by Rev David Payne

11:00 am – Morning Worship at Flitton Church led by Gillian Kern.

11:00 am – Holy Communion at Pulloxhill Church led by Rev David Payne.

Thy Kingdom Come

Thy Kingdom Come is an annual prayer initiative that draws together Christians of all traditions right across the world.

For the nine days from Ascension day to Pentecost we will be praying for the coming of God’s Kingdom in the lives of our friends and neighbours, in our churches and nations.

Perhaps this is a time to refresh your own prayers or take inspiration from the resources at

The Pulloxhill Annual Parochial Church Meeting will take place on 16 May in Pulloxhill Church immediately after the 11am service that Sunday.

Don’t forget – Tea at Three – join Rev David Payne via Zoom between 3pm and 4pm on Sunday afternoon.

Bible Study Week 2

Chris Nixon


Join Chris Nixon and others for 20 minutes of prayer
via Zoom, twice a week:

Mondays @ 21:00 hrs and Thursdays @ 09:00 hrs

All are welcome

Silence, words, encouragement, music, a candle and all of this because we need to spend time with our ‘Father in Heaven’

Joining information is on today’s Order of Service or here


Would you like to take part in a Sunday Service?
Maybe you could read from the Bible or lead our prayers?

Would you like us to record a Sunday Service in your garden?
Maybe you could suggest a location where we could record?

If you would like to take part or you have somewhere we could record,
please contact Rev David on 01525 864858 or

Praying hands

Please remember in your prayers this week

Those who have recently died, including

Thelma Bull

and their family and friends
who mourn them

Those who are ill

Des Brazier,
Alice Butler,
Kay Chambers,
Kara De Napoli – granddaughter
of Margaret Butt,
Stella Lawton,
Sally Metianu,
Bill Powers,
Joan Preston,
Malcolm Smith

and we also remember

Jonah – born at 27 weeks –
great-grandson of Anne Stiles

All the staff and residents
at Taymer Nursing Home

Rose's Story


Rose is caught in a cycle of climate chaos. From severe drought to flooding, extreme weather robs her of what she needs to survive: a reliable source of water. Without water, every day is a struggle. Without water, Rose is thirsty and hungry. This is her climate crisis.

‘When I was a young girl, there was plenty of food,’ Rose says.


Now, the rains are totally unreliable. The climate crisis has galvanised extreme weather and Rose’s community are feeling the brunt of it. For months at a time, Rose lives with drought.

‘I often feel hungry,’ Rose says. ‘Because of climate change, I worry a lot about food. I pray to God that the rainfall will become normal like it used to be.’

In recent years, the drought has been so bad that it’s caused a hunger crisis. Crops wither and die. Rivers run dry. People struggle to survive.

Rose strives to provide for her grandchildren who live with her. She does all she can to give them happy childhoods, but the climate crisis is driving her to the brink.

In times of drought, Rose sets out on a long and dangerous journey every morning to collect water for her family. She walks on an empty stomach.

We have to walk long distances. We are suffering,’ Rose said.

While she walks, her stomach gives her stabbing pains. She feels weary under the hot sun. But if she gives up, her grandchildren will suffer hunger and thirst.

With a dam full of water, Rose would be free from her long, painful journeys. She’d have time to grow fresh vegetables for her family to eat. And she could see her grandchildren grow up and live life in all its fullness.

ChrisChristian Aid logotian Aid Week
10 – 16 May

Join us this Christian Aid Week as we stand together with those on the front lines to battle coronavirus and fight for climate justice.


Pulloxhill – The collection from the service on 16 May will be donated to Christian Aid.

Silsoe & Flitton have set up donation pages where you may make an online donation:



We thank all our congregation who have been continuing to support us whilst our Churches have been closed, with contributions made directly to our bank accounts or by passing money to our treasurers.  

If you would like to make a donation directly to your local Church, please click on the appropriate button below.

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