Starting Wednesday 1 March at Silsoe Vicarage
2pm to 3:30pm  and 7:30pm to 9pm 

Lent 2024


The Lent Groups this year will focus on Prayer, and have a particular relationship to the prayer in the last days of Jesus’ life. If you have ever struggled with the mystery of seemingly unanswered prayer, or prayer that is answered, but not in the way you’d hoped for, this could be very good for you.

The groups will take place on Wednesdays in Lent beginning 1st March. One group in the afternoons 2-3.30pm, and one in the evenings 7.30-9pm. Both will take place at the Vicarage, and will cover the same material so you can come to either.

All are welcome. Please let us know if you’d like to attend – or or 01525 643478