Services in July 2024

DateChurchTimeServiceLed by
7th JulyReadings:2 Corinthians 12:2-10Mark 6:1-13
Silsoe9:30 amHoly CommunionRev Louise
Silsoe3:00 pmPet ServiceRev Simon & Rev Louise
Flitton10:30 amMorning Worship
Baptism in service
Rev Simon
Pulloxhill11:00 amHoly CommunionRev Louise
11th July Reading:Matthew 10: 7-15
Silsoe11:30 amMidweek Worship (Coffee at 11:00 am)Reader Gillian Kern & Lay Leader of Worship Maggie Jeeves
14th JulyReadings:Ephesians 1:3-14Mark 6: 14-29
Silsoe9:30 amMorning WorshipRev Simon & Lay Leader of Worship Maggie Jeeves
Flitton10:30 amHoly CommunionRev Louise
Pulloxhill11:00 amMorning WorshipRev Simon
Silsoe4:00 pmMessy SundayRev Louise & Rev Simon
21st JulyReadings:Ephesians 2: 11-22Mark 6:30-34,53-56
Silsoe9:30 amHoly CommunionRev Simon & Rev Louise
Flitton10:30 amCafé ChurchReader Gillian Kern
Flitton12:00 pmBaptismRev Louise & Rev Simon
Pulloxhill6:00 pmHealing Service with HCRev Louise & Rev Simon
Friday 26th JulyReadings:Revelation 7:13-17Mark 10:42-45
Flitton10:00 amSaid Communion (Book of Common Prayer)Rev Simon
28th July Readings:Ephesians 3:14-21John 6:1-21
Silsoe10:00 amUB Holy CommunionRev Louise, Rev Simon & Rev Paul
31st July Readings:Psalm 31:1-51 Peter 5: 6-7
Silsoe8:00 pmComplineRev Simon