Parish Communion from Flitton, 11 October 2020

Parish Communion, Flitton

Our Parish Communion Service was led by Rev Julie Cox and recorded at St John the Baptist, Flitton.  The Epistle and Intercessions were by Margaret Butt.

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We thank all our congregation who have been continuing to support us whilst our Churches have been closed, with contributions made directly to our bank accounts or by passing money to our treasurers.  

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Praying hands

Please remember in your prayers this week

Those who have recently died, including

Duncan Fraser
Kathleen Shattock

and the family and friends who mourn them, including

Barbara, Richard, Sandy and family
Tom, Sam, Daniel, Paul, Tara and their families

Those who are ill

Des Brazier,
David Handley,
Stella Lawton,
Lewis Mansfield,
Joan Preston

and we also remember

Jonah – born at 27 weeks –
great-grandson of Anne Stiles

All the staff and residents
at Taymer Nursing Home