Great Vicarage Tea Party

Once again Dave & Kath entertained members of the congregations from all 3 Churches in the Benefice to an excellent tea party. Having better contacts than many of us do the weather was very favourable after the deluge and hailstones from the previous day. Over 80 people accepted their kind invitation to the tea party and enjoyed a fine array of sandwiches, cakes and scones washed down with copious supplies of tea from Duncan’s seemly bottomless tea pot.

In addition to the photographs below provided by Mike Olney, Tim Bell also produced a short video, with sound, which can be accessed here .

Thank you Dave & Kath for an enjoyable afternoon

Brian & Dorothy Young making sure that Jill Liddle is serving them the right sort of sandwiches
DaveBell enquiring of the Silsoe PCC treasurer Gillian Chapple if the tea party can be claimed as legitimate expenses.
Liz Coulson (left) and Sue Collier sharing a joke about the failure of their table to have any sandwiches and cake to go with their tea.
Marguerite Paynter (left) explaining to Jan Jarrard exactly how she managed to fall over and break her knee cap; after which Jan felt she needed something stronger than tea
The Biscoes, Butts and Jane McBride pleading with Brian Winterson, in the straw hat, not to tell another of his "jokes".