Compline for 23 August 2020

Holy Island, Lindisfarne

Our Service for 23 August is Compline – a service of evening prayer led by Reader Gillian Kern and House Group Leader Liz Coulson. This short service includes a time for Personal Reflection to music by Thomas Tallis accompanied by images of the Holy Island of Lindisfarne.

You are welcome to watch the service at any time, but the suggested worship time for our Virtual Congregation is 6pm on Sunday 23 August.

Hymn music is from Kevin Mayhew Ltd and Fantansia by Thomas Tallis was transcribed by Simon Stranks. Images of Holy Island are by Gillian Chapple.

Click on the buttons below to see the Order of Service and watch the service on YoutTube – both open in a new window. 

We thank all our congregation who have been continuing to support us whilst our Churches have been closed, with contributions made directly to our bank accounts or by passing money to our treasurers.  

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Praying hands

Please remember in your prayers this week

Those who have recently died, including

Harry Frost

and the family and friends who mourn them, including

Steve, Paula and Michael

Those who are ill

Des Brazier,
Stella Lawton,
Joan Miller,
Joan Preston,
Kathleen Shattock

and we also remember all the staff and residents at Taymer Nursing Home.