Bible Fund

Bible Study

Thank you to all who gave towards the Bible Fund. We now have enough to buy Bibles for all three churches. We are also able give Bibles to places where they are needed in the world.

The Bibles each have a bookmark with helpful verses to look up if people need guidance or comfort. The Bibles should be in church by Christmas. We are happy for them to be used in services, for Bible Studies, or even taken home to use. If you decide to keep one of them, or give it away to someone who needs it, just let us know so that we can replenish the Bibles as and when.

We plan to start a ‘Bible Book Club’ in the New Year. We’ll read a book of the Bible each month and then meet to discuss it. If you’re interested in joining the ‘Bible Book Club’ please contact Rev Louise – 01525 643478 or