27 June 2021 – Fourth Sunday after Trinity

27 06 21 Sunday Service

Rev David Payne recorded our service for the Fourth Sunday after Trinity in the Churchyard at Pulloxhill and was accompanied by beautiful bird song!

At home in the Vicarage, Jo Payne reads from the Bible and leads our Intercessions. Music is from the singers and musicians of St Martins in the Field and the Royal School of Church Music.

To see the Order of Service and watch the service on YouTube, click on the buttons below – each will open in a new window.

You are welcome to watch the service at any time – if you wish to worship at the same time as our congregations in church, you will find the times of this week’s Church services below.

Church Services for 27 June 2021

8:30am Holy Communion using the Book of Common Prayer at Flitton Church led by Rev David Payne

9:30am Holy Communion at Silsoe Church led by Rev David Payne

11:00am Morning Worship at Pulloxhill Church led by Rev David Payne, with a sermon by Reader Roy Pinnock

Praying hands

Please remember in your prayers this week

Those who have recently died, including

Bruce Cockburn

and their family and friends
who mourn them

Those who are ill

Des Brazier,
Alice Butler,
Kay Chambers,
Kara De Napoli – granddaughter
of Margaret Butt,
Foster Holt,
Stella Lawton,
Sally Metianu,
Bill Powers,
Joan Preston,
Malcolm Smith

and we also remember

Jonah – born at 27 weeks –
great-grandson of Anne Stiles

All the staff and residents
at Taymer Nursing Home

Pulloxhill ChurchCan you help Pulloxhill PCC?
Are you interested in Safeguarding?

Pulloxhill PCC are seeking someone to take on the role of Parish Safeguarding Officer. You do not have to be a PCC member to take on this role, but would need to report to the PCC and at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting.

This role covers work to safeguard vulnerable adults & children.

If you think you can help, please contact Rev David on 01525 864858 or vicar@3churches.uk or the Pulloxhill PCC Secretary Liz Coulson on 01525 712834 or liz.coulson@3churches.uk

Thank you

Silsoe ChurchCan you help Silsoe PCC?

The cleaning rota for Silsoe Church has fallen by the wayside during the pandemic and Silsoe PCC. Now the Church being used for services and is likely to be open more Silsoe PCC is looking to put together a cleaning rota for Silsoe Church and for a volunteer to manage the operation and the rota.

Some of those involved before the pandemic are no longer able to help or have left the area or are not now available during the week so Silsoe PCC thought it best to start from scratch. The hope is to create teams of at least 2 people to dust the pews and hoover the floor either on a Wednesday or a Thursday at a time convenient to the team.

If you are interested in joining this rota (or organising it) please would you contact Simon Stranks on simon.stranks@3churches.uk

Thank you

Food Bank

Food Banks

With the current Covid restrictions still in place, a significant number of families will continue to experience hardship and to continue to find it difficult to feed themselves.

Flitton Church has a box for non-perishable food donations in the Church Porch which is always open.

In Silsoe, non-perishable food donations are currently being gathered at 1 Bedford Avenue and 10 Yew Tree Close by 9 July for collection on 10 July. Contact Jill Liddle on 01525 860117 for further information or see Silsoe News.

Carrie Steer

Congratulations to Carrie Steer from Silsoe who was ordained as a Priest on 25 June at St Paul’s Bedford.

Carrie is serving as a Self-Supporting Minister at Clifton and Southill and trained on the context based pathway at Eastern Region Ministry Course.

We thank all our congregation who have been continuing to support us whilst our Churches have been closed, with contributions made directly to our bank accounts or by passing money to our treasurers.  

If you would like to make a donation directly to your local Church, please click on the appropriate button below.

You can make a donation to support all 3 Churches in our Benefice by clicking on the button below which will take you to an online donation page