Services in December 2024

DateChurchTimeServiceLed by
1st DecemberReadings1 Thess 3:9-13Luke 21:25-36
Silsoe9:30 amHoly CommunionRevs Louise and Simon
Flitton10:30 amHoly CommunionRev Anne Barker & Lay Leader of Worship Liz Coulson
Pulloxhill11:00 amHoly CommunionRev Anna Garvie
Silsoe6:00 pmDarkness to Light Rev Louise & Rev Simon
8th DecemberReadingsPhilippians 1:3-11Luke 3:1-6
Silsoe9:30 amMorning WorshipRev Louise
Flitton10:30 amHoly CommunionRev Simon
Pulloxhill11:00 amMorning WorshipRev Louise
12th DecemberReadingTBC
Silsoe11:30 amMidweek Worship (Coffee at 11:00 am)Reader Gillian Kern & Lay Leader of Worship Maggie Jeeves
15th DecemberReadingsPhilippians 4:4-7Luke 3:7-18
Silsoe9:30 amHoly CommunionRev Simon & Rev Louise
Flitton10:30 amMorning WorshipReader Gillian Kern
Silsoe 3:00 pmChristingleRev Louise & Rev Simon
Pulloxhill6:00 pmCarol ServiceRev Simon & Rev Louise
20th December ReadingsTBC
Flitton10:00 amSaid Communion (Book of Common Prayer)Rev Simon
22nd DecemberReadingsHebrews 10:5-10Luke 1:39-45
Silsoe9:30 amHoly CommunionRev Anna Garvie & Rev Louise
Pulloxhill11:00 amHoly CommunionRev Anne Barker
Silsoe 4:00 pmCarol ServiceRev Louise & Rev Simon
Flitton6:30 pmCarol ServiceRev Louise & Rev Simon
24th DecemberReadingLuke 2:1-14
Flitton10:30 amCrib & ChristingleRev Simon & Rev Louise
Silsoe 3:00 pmCrib ServiceRev Louise & Rev Simon
Pulloxhill 5:00 pmCrib & ChristingleRev Simon & Rev Louise
24th DecemberReadingsIsaiah 52:7-10John 1:1-14
Silsoe11:30 pmMidnight CommunionRev Louise & Rev Simon
25th December ReadingLuke 2: 1-14
Pulloxhill10:00 amChristmas Day Holy CommunionRev Louise & Rev Simon
29th December Readings1 John 1:1-7Luke 2:15-21
Flitton10:00 amUnited Benefice Holy CommunionRev Anna Garvie