#LiveLent – Witness – Good Friday – April 2nd

#liveLent - Witness

Make a garden to remind you of the story of Good Friday. It will need three crosses and a cave covered by a stone.

You could make it out of building blocks, material from your recycling or using twigs, stones and soil from your garden.

Do an image search for Easter Garden if you need some ideas.

When it’s finished, send a photo to¬†VirtualVicar@3churches.uk

Reading: Acts 1.7-9

There’s an app available for either IOS or Android which will bring you a daily reflection or you can sign up to receive the reflection by email. You will find all the links for these on the Church of England website:


Want to know more about Lent?¬† Rev David has recorded a short video¬† ‘What is Lent?’