#LiveLent – The Banquet – Tuesday 23 February

The Banquet

Tell the parable of the great banquet using emojis.

As you decide which ones to use, wonder together about why Jesus says God’s kingdom is like a huge banquet with invitations for everyone.

Now you’ve had some practice using emojis to tell a parable, remember your favourite one from yesterday.  Can you create the name or a bit of the parable in emojis? 

Send your parable emoji to the VirtualVicar@3churches.uk; we’ll put together a quiz sheet with everybody’s parable emojis and send them out so you can have a go at guessing other people’s.  Don’t forget to let us know what your parable is, just in case we can’t guess it!

Reading: Luke 14.16-24

There’s an app available for either IOS or Android which will bring you a daily reflection or you can sign up to receive the reflection by email. You will find all the links for these on the Church of England website:


Want to know more about Lent?  Rev David has recorded a short video  ‘What is Lent?’